Cuccio Colour – Photos, Swatches and Thoughts


It has been a while since I last posted – I’ve been trying to get some things in order but I have so much to share here! I thought I’d start off with a post on Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer, which I’ve totally fallen in love with.

cuccio colour nail polish

I spotted a rack of Cuccio Colour at Beauty Asia 2013 on my way out of the fair. The distributors for Cuccio Naturale products in Singapore – a made-in-USA spa line – are Star*Like Nails. During my visits to Beauty Asia (the past 3 years), I usually browse around Star*Like Nails to pick up essentials like foot-files and foot scrubs. This was the first time I noticed nail lacquer by Cuccio Naturale.

Cuccio Colour

The Cuccio Colour range boasts a wide array of modern nail lacquer shades – apart from the traditional fiery reds and pretty pinks, it has an impressive range of greens, blues and bronzes. What I found particularly interesting was how each nail lacquer featured a different city in it’s name – including one named after Singapore – Singapore Sling!

The nail colour chart wasn’t terribly impressive – everything painted on the acrylic spoons looked flat and dull but I took a chance given how attractive the polish looked in the bottle. It helped that it was SGD$6 per bottle at the fair so I picked one to try – It’s No Istanbul – and painted it on the moment I got home. Almost a one-coater and packed with shimmer, It’s No Istanbul dried very quickly in between coats and had a smooth, glossy finish. I was instantly sold and wanted more – I went back the next day 🙂

Cuccio Colour It's No Istanbul swatch

Here are swatches of the rest of the shades I picked up.

Cuccio Colour It's No Istanbul Swatch

Beijing Night Glow – a deep ruby-crimson shimmer lacquer. The name could not be more apt – the rich ruby base laced with same-tone shimmer really makes it glow in the sunlight. I’d like to think of this as a “grown-ups only” shade – very attractive in a womanly way.

It’s No Istanbul – a complex red-toned bronze shimmer lacquer. It looked very attractive under spotlights at the fair but it totally knocked it out of the park under sunlight. The rich bronze base is interlaced with gold, red and bronze microshimmer which really makes you think of rich brocade the Middle East is so famous for.

cuccio colour russian opulence swatch

Russian Opulence – a rich gold chrome lacquer with minute gold sparkles. It has a slight tendency to show up brush-strokes but this is minimised with careful application and top-coat. I really like this shade of gold – neither too champagne nor too yellow.

Boston Cream Pie – a very creamy-looking deep nude rose. This was practically a one-coater – it is so rich and saturated and dries down to a naturally glossy finish. I love shades like these – I find nude roses so elegant and versatile.

cuccio colour bali bliss swatch

Bali Bliss – a soft orchid pink with minute same-tone microshimmer. This has the look of satin given the very subtle micro-shimmer – I didn’t notice it at first and thought it was a cream shade. One of the softer pinks in my nail lacquer stash, Bali Bliss is very feminine and makes me think of brides and weddings. This lacquer has a slightly lighter consistency than the rest; while it presented no application problems (like streaking or bald spots), I found it performed better with a more opaque base coat like Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat.

Call In The Calgary – a vibrant, sparkling berry fuchsia. The metallic pink base has warm gold and fuchsia pink sparkles that really glisten in light. The sparkles in this polish are far more pronounced than in several others I tried.

cuccio colour on the nile blue swatch

Fountains Of Versailles – a sparkling aqua with same tone and silver micro-sparkles. Much  like the beloved aquas in my lacquer stash like OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Zoya Charla, the aquatic name of this shade really makes you think of cool waters glistening in the bright summer sun.

On The Nile Blue – a jewel-toned deep sapphire. I almost put this one back because it looked like a regular navy in low light but the glimmers of blue shimmer in the bottle gave me a hint of it’s potential. Another lacquer that glows in the sunlight, the brighter blue shimmer bursting forth. The deep rich shade will make a perfect base for glitter top coats.


All lacquers were photographed with 1 coat of Nail Tek Foundation II and 2 coats of lacquer (no top coat). I found all the polishes to have good dry time – a little faster than other OPI or China Glaze polishes. These also wear well – only minor tip-wear after rough handling and washing (I’ve worn It’s No Istanbul, Bali Bliss, Boston Cream Pie and Call In The Calgary as full manicures hitherto) – I fixed my IKEA Helmer drawers with nary a chip.

These Cuccio Colour polishes are really worth a look – I regret not picking up a couple more (not that I need them actually). If you’re looking to purchase these, contact Star*Like Nails – their promoter informed me that these regularly retail at their showroom in Peace Centre at SGD$8.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead!



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